Information for Professional Referrers

Professional referrers include Solicitors, Family Courts, CAFCASS, Family Mediators and Local Authority Children’s Departments or Social Services.

A parent of a child or children may make a self-referral with the agreement of the other parent or any other relative with whom the child or children may reside under the terms of a family arrangements order or who otherwise has parental responsibility or following a court order for contact to take place at a contact centre.

If you would like to make a referral as a professional please complete the form online.  Alternatively, download and print the referral form, complete it, and return it to us by post, fax or the email facility with document upload on our Contact Us page, retaining a copy for your records.

If confidentiality of a resident parent’s address or contact details is an issue we do not need to know this but do need a means of contacting them (for example a mobile telephone number), which can be sent to us separately, or via a third party. We do not disclose any confidential details of either parent to the other, except with that parent’s consent.

In any event you should draw both parents and/or other family members’ attention to our Privacy Statement page and ask them to read it.  The referral form asks for confirmation from you that both parents have read and understood the Statement

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