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Saturday 10th September 2016, is going to be particularly busy at the site as all the churches,Mosques, and Temples in Hall Green are holding a 'Get together to Know your Neighbours' afternoon, with people form other religious centres visiting every Temple, Mosque and Church in the area from 2.00pm until 5.00pm whilst our centre is open. Dennis Dixon Coordinator Hall Green and Smith's Wood Child Contact Centre 3rd September 2016


Welcome to Hall Green Child Contact Centre, which offers a safe and friendly short term meeting venue for a child to maintain contact with an absent parent, and sometimes other relatives following the break-up of a marriage or similar relationship.

We are open every Saturday afternoon between 2–4pm.


We are located in the main hall of the Church of the Ascension, School Road near to the junction with Fox Hollies Rd, Hall Green, Birmingham B28 8JQ


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About Us

Hall Green Child Contact Centre has registered as a company and it achieved charitable status in August 2012. We are made up of volunteers mainly from 8 churches but also from other multi-cultural sources in the local area. The Contact Centre is based in one of the halls of The Church of The Ascension, Hall Green on the boundaries of Birmingham and Solihull.

We strongly believe that after family separations and divorce children greatly benefit from the love and support of both parents. The Contact Centre is a place that helps facilitate relationships with the non-resident parent and their child or children.

Referrals are accepted from Family Courts, The Child and Family Courts Advisory and Support Service (CAFCASS), Solicitors and Family Mediators. There is also an increasing trend towards self-referrals.

We are accredited by the National Association of Contact Centres (NACCC), which has 350 such accredited centres in the UK serving the needs of some 17,000 children annually.

We provide ‘Supported Contact’ for families without any history of abuse. This means we do not supervise contact on a one to one basis, nor do we write reports about the quality of contact, or make recommendations about future arrangements. We provide a safe, friendly and neutral environment where non-resident parents can see their children on a regular basis until more permanent arrangements are agreed.